Musical Theater 2017-2018

Congratulations to the following people for being accepted into the Musical Theater class. This is a very demanding class with a large time commitment. If you feel you can’t accept a position, please alert Mr. Blank immediately. There is a waiting list that will be used should a position be vacated. It was a very difficult task to choose 32 out of 84 that auditioned, and there are many talented people that we look forward to working with. It takes a group of different talent (singing, dancing, acting) to make the group a cohesive one, and each person brings a unique talent to the group. If you accepted a seat in the Performing Arts Academy, you will still be in the academy in the Theater track, and can re-audition for the Musical Theater track next year. Remember that not getting into the class this year does not stop you from having lots of opportunities to be involved in the program. There are three shows, Districts, States, and many other onstage and backstage opportunities. Finally, we applaud everyone who auditioned, and look forward to an amazing year.

Abigail Stickley
Camila Garcia
Isabella Torrence
Tyler Schwartz
Marco Alexandre
Natasha Hollins
Celia Roberts
Sabrina Mugavero
Daniel Ortiz
Arielle Valiente
Rachel Oney
Ella Grossomanide
Shelby Jacobson
Dalia Fixler
Ruth Williams
Lauren Boyle
Noah Fineman
Jenna Delgardo
Nicole Cohen
Melody Burrage
Maya Petrie
Isabela Lasky
Samara Shavrick
Abigail Redlich
Lexi McGowen
Mike Patella
Julieta Albano
Kaia Bonner
Spencer Glazer
Bianca Fuentes
Abril Gonzales
Jessica Balton

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