CHARMS Registration

Please follow the steps below to register for CHARMS. Read all the directions first before going to the site.

1. Click on the link: CHARMS REGISTRATION

2. Click on NEW STUDENT

3. You must enter a student ID(think of it as a username). This will be both yours and your parents access throughout your time in DRAMA. Make sure you make it something you and your parent will remember.

4. Fill in ALL information that is on the form(musical theater students put voice part, theater students select acting.)

5. Once you hit register, you will be taken to another screen. Make sure all the information is filled out and correct.

6. Click add adult.

7. You must include at lease on of your parent or guardian’s email and phone number.

8. At the top you will see a clock symbol for your class schedule. Please enter it fully. Include the room number under class name.

9. Make sure to update your profile.

You can access CHARMS at anytime by clicking the link from the website.  Remember your parents will be using the same ID number to access the calendar and other information so make it something easy for you both to remember.


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