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Here you will find all the necessary information needed to have a successful audition. Throughout the year, the WB Drama Department produces several productions. This page will be constantly updated. Please make sure you are prepared for an audition by checking here often. there is no excuse for not being prepared.



Below are some frequently asked questions about auditions/callbacks:

I am a freshmen (or this is the first play I’ve ever auditioned for), what are my chances in getting cast?

Since I do not precast any show, there is always a good chance of anyone being past. I can say in the past, especially the musical, I have always cast freshman and new performers, even  principal roles.  However, please don’t have your heart set on the leading role and decide you’re never going to audition for anything again if you don’t get it. Most performers who have been involved in a previous production have gained invaluable experience about what it’s like to be in a major production here at West Boca. I can bank on that experience and trust them with larger roles. Having a small role can be just as exciting as a larger role. Remember, there are no small parts: only small actors. Also, remember, you’re more likely to get cast in the spring musical than the fall play simply because there are more roles in the spring musical.

What happens if I show up to an audition not prepared(i.e. no music, no song, monologue not memorized, no blocking, dressed inappropriately, etc.)?

Be prepared not to be cast in the show. It is extremely important to be prepared when showing up for an audition. If you do not, you show me and the other artistic staff that you do not intend to take this seriously. I strongly encourage you to always make sure you have everything prepared well before the actual auditions.

What kind of a time commitment is doing the show?

A HUGE time commitment. Honestly, it’s really hard to do other school activities and do the show.  The week before the show, including tech and dress rehearsal, known as HELL WEEK,  will be late. The show also requires some Saturday commitment time as well. Like I said, it’s a HUGE time commitment, but it’s well worth all of the time we put into it …trust me!

If I’m not on the callback list, does that mean I’m not cast?

Again, I won’t lie to you. There are two answers to this question. First, if you are auditioning for the fall play, and your name is not on the callback list, most likely you will not be cast in the show. This is simply because there are few roles to be cast in the fall play, and if I don’t have you read at the callbacks, I have no idea how you’ll interpret that role. Second, if you are auditioning for the spring musical and your name is not on the callback list, there is still a chance you will be cast in the show. Most likely though, you will not be receiving a lead role. Just like the fall play, I callback certain people to hear them do cold readings, and if I don’t have you read at the callbacks, I have no idea how you’ll interpret that role. However, I may have liked what I heard at the singing audition or liked what I saw at the dance audition. Therefore, you’d be a great ensemble member! So that’s the honest truth right there!

I really wanted a certain part, and I didn’t get it. Now I don’t know if I want to do the show. What do I do?

On your audition application, there is a question that asks you if you would take any role I offer you. If you mark this box “yes”, it is EXTREMELY bad theatre form if you decide
not to do the show after not getting the role you want.  Theatre is a brutal world, and I’d love to please everyone. . .but I just can’t do it. None of my casting should be taken personally! Please don’t think I cast the “teacher’s pet” or “favorites.” I cast the right person for the right role no matter what the size, look, relationship, etc. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known you. It doesn’t matter how “close” we are. I cast the people I know will give me the strongest show. Period. I will say this though: sometimes how you behave in class will affect how I cast you. For example, if I know you to be someone who is constantly absent and a “flake”, chances are, I’m not going to cast you. That’s just the way the theatre ball bounces. If you don’t get the role you want, you pick yourself back up and move on, making the best out of your situation. That’s what the best actors and actresses do.

I want help with my audition/callback piece. Can I come to you for help?

As much as I’d love to help you, I can’t. As the director of the show, I can only give you general guidelines, and then I leave the rest up to you to interpret. If I advised you, that would be favoritism, and I don’t play that game.  My advice: find some friends who will give you strong feedback and have them help you prepare.

I just realized I can’t be there for the callbacks, what should I do?!

Be prepared not to get cast. I gave these dates out a long time ago. It was up to you to make sure you were able to attend them. I can’t make special arrangements. Either you show up and perform at the callbacks or I won’t cast you. Life is crazy busy here in the theatre, and you need to follow my timetable. . .I simply can’t follow all of your’s.

When will the cast list be up?

Typically, it will be posted the Sunday after callbacks. Please don’t ask me.

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