Annie Crew List

Congratulations to everyone selected to be on Annie’s Crew! It was a tough decision and if you did not get selected, look for other ways to help out! For those of you on Annie Crew, is going to be very challenging and exciting and we are all looking forward to working together.
There will be a Cast and Crew Parent meeting soon so stay tuned for that!

YOU NEED TO DO TWO THINGS IMMEDIATELY please! If you are NOT on Facebook, we will communicate most everything you need to know through Facebook but first you need to join it (and be a friend with someone) so we can add you to the group called “Annie Cast and Crew.”

Secondly, you need to join Charms at as this is how we will communicate with you and your parents – then we will add you to the Annie Cast and Crew group there as well! Thanks!

Again, Congratulations and if you have any questions, please contact Blank or Crout!

Annie Crew

Natalia Dubon
Isabelle Datz

Julia Farenga

Lindsay Levine
Trent Baez
Grace Gilbertson
Isabelle Datz

Noam Hershkovich

Celia Roberts

Thomas Kranenberg
Amy Vitagliano
Adi Hershkovich
Kyla Klein

Olivia Daemer

Maya Leivobich
Andrew Frank
Madison Fox
Catherine Silva
Lisa Ramirez
Melanie Ure
Colby Bayer
Laumaur Lindsay
Gabe Nunes
Emma Tolliver

Kerry Cappo – Mistress
Alycia Archibald
Clara Pham
Natalia Reyes
Karyssa Lay
Hannah Burrell
Julia Mourao
Grace Boyer

Madison Brito – Mistress
Angelina Buck
Nadine Ghourra
Sarah Viva
Gianna Ceraso

Victoria Martin – Mistress
Kayla Narcisse
Earica Gray Grasty
Sarah Bronnberg
Alex Presta
Rebecca Stone
Ruth Williams
Hailey Hosang
Cara Blech

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