Blood Brothers Audition


directed by DAVE ALAN THOMAS

AUDITION DATE:  Tues, August 30, 2016

PERFORMANCE DATES:  November 5-12, 2016

THE PLAY: Set in Liverpool (1960-1985), “Blood Brothers” tells the story of fraternal twins who are separated at birth. One brother is raised in a family of great privilege and one brother is raised in poverty. Even with their different socioeconomic backgrounds, the two boys end up becoming best friends until a misunderstanding leads to a tragic ending.


Please arrive early. If you have a headshot and a resume, they are appreciated, but not required. You must at least supply a current picture with the application. A callback will be held on August 31 and, if needed, Sept 1. All actors auditioning will sing first: Prepare 16-32 bars/1 minute of a selection from the show. Please select the song for your main character choice. Please note that we cast where you fit, not by which character you would like. A Capella auditions will not be allowed. Performers should bring music either on a CD or MP3 player. Youtube videos, or other web based players will not be allowed..

After the song, actors will present a prepared 1 minute monologue of your choice in a Liverpool (Scouse) accent or a close derivation.

Please dress professionally for the audition.

Monologues:  Blood Brother Audition

Audition Packet: Blood Brothers Audition Packet


MRS. JOHNSTONE: Female, 32-40 (Range: Mezzo)
Has a naturally maternal character, embracing new life and being a caring person. Often makes rash decisions on impulse rather than thinking carefully over the consequences of her actions. She has a strong, generous character knowing almost instinctively what’s right and wrong, although her circumstances make it hard for her to be a straightforwardly ‘good’ person. She is uneducated and is superstitious.

NARRATOR: Male, Age Flexible (Range: Rock Tenor, G3-G4)
“Did y’ hear the story of the Johnstone twins?” Takes the audience through the important sections of the story. Truthful, yet ominous at times. Also appears as Milkman 1, Gynaecologist, Bus Conductor, Milkman 2, Teacher, Rifle Range Man.

MRS. LYONS: Female, 30’s (Range: Mezzo Soprano, B3-D5)
Mrs. Johnstone’s employer. Kind with good intentions, but puts herself first—no matter the cost. She adopts Edward out of desperation towards her own insecurities. She is a compulsive liar who gets in over her head.

MR. LYONS: Male, 30-40 (Range: Ensemble/Non Singing)
Proper Gentleman from the upper class. He is tricked into thinking his wife has had a child while he was on an extended business trip. Constantly busy, and leaves the homely responsibilities up to his wife.

MICKEY: Male, Plays 7*-20’s (Range: Bari Tenor, D3-E4)
Blood Brother raised in the poor part of town by Mrs. Johnston. A trouble maker pressured by the rules of society.

EDWARD: Male, Plays 7*-20’s (Range: Tenor, D3-A4
Blood Brother raised in the upper class by Mrs. Lyons. Grows up with a privileged life due to his foster parents—From his opportunities with education to women.

SAMMY: Male, Plays 7*-20’s (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible)
Mickey’s Brother. A bully and bad influence on Mickey. Constantly a trouble maker.

LINDA: Female, Plays 7*-20’s (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible
A lovely girl from the neighborhood. Finds the attention of both Mickey and Edward.

Catalogue Man, Finance Man, Children*, Policemen, Neighbors, Wedding Guests, Doleites, Councillors, Nurses, Judge

*Please note that the young roles will be played by adult actors acting as children.

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